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Cleo Teissedre

Vintage Cleo Teissedre Hand Painted Native American Women Framed Ceramic Art Tile

Vintage Cleo Teissedre Hand Painted Native American Women Framed Ceramic Art Tile

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Vintage, Old Store Stock.  MINT Condition. 

This is a beautiful handmade Vintage Native American Ceramic Art Tile created by Cleo Teissedre of Tucson, AZ. Cleo Teissedre tells a story through her artwork which gives more meaning to her tile art. Beautifully detailed images depicting a Southwest Native American maiden wearing a weaved blanket with fringe. Set on a polished teal background with pale pink, dusty rose, white, black and sand colors which bring out the imagery and enhances the picture.

  • Height: 6 in
  • Width: 6 in
  • Depth: 3/4 in

The wood frame has a hole on the back for hanging. This is a lovely tile to add to your Southwest collection. Display on wall or easel.

All Photographs are Original and are not stock photos.

The design tells multiple stories. These stories include the family of quails at the bottom and a two handled Acoma Pueblo pottery design. Quails are often viewed as a symbol of support, awareness and community. Quails are among the smartest birds in the animal kingdom and are often used to represent intelligence.

A vase on the maiden's lap has a design with a deer, an arrow and tendril represent plant and forest on his body. The arrow represents protection and defense. An arrow facing to the right is meant as protection and an arrow facing down means peace. It is a symbol of continuity, prosperity, longevity, food, and even abundance.

The vase has a butterfly on top. The pots and vases ranged from use in everyday life, to sacred spiritual ceremonies. In the folklore of some tribes, butterflies represent change and balance; in others, ephemeral beauty; and in some, vanity, and frivolous behavior.

Looking through the arch is the depiction of the San Xavier del Bac Mission, a National Historic Landmark, founded in 1700 by Father Eusebio Kino, a Jesuit explorer who worked to spread Christianity in New Spain. It is located in the San Xavier Reservation, part of the Tohono O’odham nation, southwest of Tucson in Pima County, Arizona.

Cleo Teissedre was a well known artist from Tucson, AZ. She was born on Aug. 31, 1930 and passed away on June 25, 2020. She was known for producing Native American-style Navajo Storyteller Pottery pieces. Cleo’s Storytellers, Tiles and figurines are very sought after. Signature on front and dated 1991.

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