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Cleo Teissedre

Vintage 1986 Cleo Teissedre Native American Storyteller Grandfather Ornament

Vintage 1986 Cleo Teissedre Native American Storyteller Grandfather Ornament

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Vintage, Old Store Stock. 1986 MINT Condition. This is a beautiful handmade Vintage Native American Pueblo Storyteller created by Cleo Teissedre of Tucson, AZ. It shows three small children sitting on the lap of a Mini Grandfather Ornament Storyteller with turquoise neckless. Turquoise, the captivating sea-green stone of the ancients, represents wisdom, tranquility, protection, good fortune, and hope. Ancient peoples believed in its profound power to protect, as well as its tranquil energy and its association with enduring love. The turquoise stone neckless always symbolic of abundance, specifically financial abundance. The storyteller is an adaptation of centuries-old creations in figurine pottery.

Cultural traditions and values have historically been passed on by tribal elders through songs and stories geared to teaching the young. It is in these delightful representations that the intense love of the Native American Indians for their children is most clearly shown. These unique sculptures embody not only beauty and creativity, but also symbolize important American Indian principles and traditions.

  • Height: 2 3/4 in
  • Width: 1 1/2 in
  • Length: 2 in

Hand painted. Beige, terricotta, black, and turquoise. Signed and dated 1986 on bottom of figurine. This would make a very nice addition to a collection of Southwest Storytellers.

All Photographs are Original and are not stock photos.

On the Mini Grandfather ornament one child is holding the Sunface Kachina doll. The Sunface Kachina represents the spirit of the Sun and is considered to be one of the more powerful Kachinas because the Sun is thought to be the brightest and largest of all the stars. The word "kachina" comes from the Hopi word "kachi," which means "spirit." Kachina dolls symbolize Ketsinam, or spirits of nature. Tribes of the Southwest believed that aspects of nature could be personified by Ketsinam. Sunface - Represents warmth, shelter for the old, bright future, and playfulness for the young. The coloration of the Sunface Katsina mask is important. The top half of the mask represents the colors that appear at first light; the lower half of the mask represents the colors of the full sun after it has risen.

Cleo Teissedre was a well known artist from Tucson, AZ. She was born on Aug. 31, 1930 and passed away on June 25, 2020. She was known for producing Native American-style Navajo Storyteller Pottery pieces. Cleo’s Storytellers and figurines are very sought after. Signature on base and dated 1986.

Items that I sell that are marked vintage, antique or collectible may show some signs of wear to the original boxes or original package when available. See pictures for detail. All of my items come from a smoke-free environment. I do combine shipping on multiple items.

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