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The Alchemists

Brass Coyote Symbol The Alchemists Laser Cut Metal Jewelry Pierced Earrings

Brass Coyote Symbol The Alchemists Laser Cut Metal Jewelry Pierced Earrings

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Vintage. Like New Old Store Stock. Brass Coyote Symbol The Alchemists Laser Cut Metal Jewelry Earrings.

These are hanging Coyote shaped earrings in a gold brass and rust finish. Measures 1 3/16 inches in width and 1 3/16 in length. They are lite weight and will not weigh your ears down. As I live in the Southwest, now and then a Coyote will walk by the house as I am watering in the early morning. A coyote sighting is generally a message to take a look within, to not take life too seriously, to lighten up, and to learn to laugh at ourselves and even our mistakes. Coyotes also remind us that anything we do to others will come back to us—good or bad.

Sometimes very late night a Coyote will come through the back yard for a drink of water. Coyotes are naturally timid animals and will usually flee at the sight of a human. So they have never bothered me. Sometimes It is exciting when I can catch a photo of them. This is a rare event. These earrings have a lot of detail to the design and shape. The coyote has a moon behind his head, on his leg is a crescent moon and body with a star. Coyotes are mostly out at night hunting.

The coyote spirit animal represents survival, adaptability, tenacity, resourcefulness, and cleverness. If you feel down or like you’re over your head, the coyote spirit guide can show you how to get back on your feet. Coyote energy is all about tapping into who you really are. The name coyote means “barking dog.” When the coyote is your spirit animal, you find it easy to communicate. Coyote howling usually occurs in pairs. For many cultures, the coyote’s howl is seen as a sign that something is about to die or be born. The coyote symbolizes cleverness, resilience, and strategic thinking. The Navajo believe that the coyote was the one who taught them how to track the game. The Hopi tribe also sees the coyote as a helpful spirit and believes that this animal helps to guide lost souls to the afterworld.

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