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The Alchemists

Cougar Petroglyphs Design The Alchemists Laser Cut Metal Jewelry Pierced Earrings

Cougar Petroglyphs Design The Alchemists Laser Cut Metal Jewelry Pierced Earrings

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Vintage. Like New Old Store Stock. Cougar Petroglyphs Design The Alchemists Laser Cut Metal Jewelry Earrings.

Old North American Indian unusual Cougar design. Hanging triangle shaped Cougar earrings with gold brass and copper inlay. Measures 1 1/8 inches at bottom and 1 3/16 in length. They are lite weight and will not weigh your ear down.

This is an interesting design with a sun above the Cougar. The spiritual meaning of the cougar in Native American culture symbolizes strength, power, leadership, and courage. In Native American beliefs, the cougar is revered as a majestic entity that possesses great power and wisdom. To the Hopi and Zuni, It represents strength, courage, and authority; often called the king of the mountain and symbolizes leadership and the ability to take charge in difficult situations. Navajo, Cherokee it symbolizes the balance of physical and mental agility, as well as the ability to blend in and adapt to various environments.

This petroglyph of a Cougar, Mountain Lion or Puma was found near Blue Mesa in 1934. It was probably made during the 12th or 13th century. Cougars were revered by Pueblo Indians for their hunting ability and are the subject of numerous shrines and artwork throughout the southwest. Petroglyphs are more commonly found, and these images were created by carving, engraving, or scratching the rock's surface in order to reveal the lighter layers beneath. The depth and thickness of these images can vary depending upon whether they were scratched, pecked, abraded, incised, or carved onto a surface.

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