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Antique J.M.W. & Sons Porcelain Royal Falcon Ware Chamber Wash Basin Collection England

Antique J.M.W. & Sons Porcelain Royal Falcon Ware Chamber Wash Basin Collection England

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Antique Chamber Pot.  In exceptional condition for age! See pictures for detail.

Vintage Royal Falcon Ware Chamber Wash Basin Collection from Hanley, Staffordshire, England. J.H. Weatherby & Sons Lt. was founded in 1891 by Mr. H.H. Weatherby. Weatherby and Sons were prolific manufacturers producing 1000s of patterns ranging from white ironstone, collectibles and dinner ware through to souvenir ware and Fortnum & Mason pudding bowls.

This collection includes the large wash basin, smaller pitcher, and small covered bowl. The small bowl is thought to be used for warm water, potentially for shaving purposes. Floral design appears to be a combination of red, yellow and blue tulips and green leaves. Collection appears to be from 1925 based on North Staffordshire Pottery Marks on bottom. Collection appears to be numbered 8034-1 on pitcher and large wash basin and 5263-6 on small bowl.

  • Large wash basin - 16 inch diameter by 5/14 inch high
  • Pitcher - 9 inch diameter by 5 1/4 inch high
  • Small Covered Dish - 5 inch diameter by 2 inch high; Covered Lid is also 5 inch diameter

Color: Light Blue and White with Orange Yellow flowers and a green stem leaf.

A chamber pot is a container with a handle commonly used as a urinal at night. It is kept in a bedroom under a bed or in a nightstand. During the Victorian era, some chamber pots were built into a cabinet or "Cupboard" with a closeable cover. The chamber pot was originally designed for females. Called the*Bourdaloue*, it allowed women to urinate squatting or sitting without accidents. It was supposedly named after the French Catholic priest, Louis Bourdaloue whose sermons were so long that women brought Bourdaloue so they could urinate without having to leave. In the 19th century water closets started to be more common than chamber pots, but chamber pots were still used until the mid-20th century.

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