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1921 Antique Hemingray-42 Electrical Glass Insulators Set of 2

1921 Antique Hemingray-42 Electrical Glass Insulators Set of 2

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Set of 2 1921 Antique Electrical Insulators produced by Hemingray. Beautiful pale ice blue electrical insulators over 100 year old. During the era when telegraphs were a primary method of communication, these glass insulators kept the wires from coming into direct contact with the sometimes wet poles. This helped insulate the signal and allow it to travel across the country. The Hemingray-42 was one of the most common styles of glass insulators and millions were produced between 1921 and 1960.

These two insulators appear to be in very good condition for their age. Both have a large number of intact small scallops or "drip points" along the bottom of the glass skirt. These antiques had a practical purpose, and many glass insulator spent years or even decades outside in the weather. It is not unusual for these types of items to have some chips, cracks, discoloration, and other damage due to age.

On the bottom of the insulator etched into the glass are the words "Hemingray-42" and "Made in U.S.A." After 1933, the company began to include additional markings on the glass indicate the production date. These included marks such as O - A, O - 4, 23 - 42, etc. As there are no such additional marks on these two items being sold, they would have been produced prior to 1933.

  • Height - 4 in
  • Width - 3 3/4 in (at base of insulator)

These two items were found in the Sacramento Valley in California in the 1960s and were part of my own personal collection. Sunlight sparkles through the glass when displayed near a window. Would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves history.

    Items that I sell that are marked vintage, antique or collectible may show some signs of wear to the original boxes or original package when available. See pictures for detail. All of my items come from a smoke-free environment.

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