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House of Lloyd

Vintage 1994 Sachiko Porcelain Japanese Kimono Doll

Vintage 1994 Sachiko Porcelain Japanese Kimono Doll

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Vintage.  MINT Condition!  1994 Sachiko Porcelain Japanese Kimono Doll. 

Only removed from box for photos. Beautiful porcelain face and eyes with cute curly eye lashes. Straight black bob hair with a red tie on each side. Dressed in her traditional Japanese Kimono robe and at her V neck an insert for the collar (red Eri-shin). Lovely vivid paisley pattern of red, blue, green, and white with blue lining Kimono. Around her waist is a white satin obi (the belt that holds everything in place ). To the back of the obis is a folded white satin garment. Tied with red ribbon Obijime (tied over the belt and secures the entire structure).  

Underneath Nagajuban – (worn under the main kimono). She has a satin long red skirt, white top. Traditional Hadajuban long leg underwear, usually worn under Kimono. White cotton stocks (Tabi) with her Japanese Jori sandals (Japanese traditional shoes). 

Furisode is a kimono that’s worn for the most formal occasions and is usually worn by younger, unmarried women. It’s easy to spot a furisode from afar, as the long, draping sleeves and the intricate, eye-catching designs are a dead giveaway that this is no ordinary kimono. The name itself means “swinging sleeves,” alluding to the exaggerated proportions of the robe. 

This would be is a wonderful edition to your doll collection. She has her own stand and ready for display in a cabinet or shelf. Brand/Artist: House of Lloyd. Stock Number: #541672. Made in China. Doll Size 16in tall. In original box.  House of Lloyd Christmas Around the World.

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